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On 7 July 2018 at 15:54, Alysson Cunha <> wrote:
> I am raising the question: Should the future Lua 5.5 have unicode support?
> Since a lot (a lot a lot) encoding issues were solved with unicode and we
> are observing an international trend for the utf-8 use....

I think you're missing the points that have been raised.

I work with Lua and Unicode every day. My files are UTF-8 encoded.

However the correct space character is 0x20 (32). Other space
characters are not valid according to the language syntax, and
allowing others would be a horrible mess. For example would you also
include zero-width spaces?

Just because there are other space characters available does not mean
Lua needs to accept them. It's similar to making an argument that Lua
should accept 'lõçál' as equivalent to 'local'. The characters are not
the same, even if they are related.