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Hello lua-l!

This is my first post here and I'm not familiar with mailing lists.
With this post I want to bring up an issue that I've found in Lua 5.4 work releases.

The following three lines runs without errors in Lua 5.3.

local foo = 13.37
local bar = foo // 1
type( bar <<  8 )

The shift on the third line fails with Lua 5.4 with the following error: "number (local 'bar') has no integer representation".

It still fails with the error "attempt to perform bitwise operation on a nil value (local 'bar')" when 'bar' is explicit converted to an integer.

local foo = 13.37
local bar = math.tointeger( foo // 1 )
type( bar <<  8 )

Is this a bug or did I use the wrong method?