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>>>>> "ThePhD" == ThePhD  <> writes:

 ThePhD> I have so far successfully avoided calling rawlen / the length
 ThePhD> operator to count the number in a sequence from the C API. What
 ThePhD> do I do to know if I'm at the end of a sequence in Lua 5.4 with
 ThePhD> "LUA_NILINTABLES"? Am I missing an API function added to
 ThePhD> 5.4-work1's manual for this?

The new functions lua_keyin and lua_removekey seem not to be documented
in the manual, probably on account of the fact that NILINTABLES is still
a purely experimental feature and not going to be enabled by default,
and therefore the API for extra functions to handle it is presumably not
yet nailed down.

I notice that lua_keyin and lua_removekey both call metamethods, and I
don't see any "raw" equivalent; that could be a serious problem.

(It's obviously important that these APIs _do_ get nailed down and
documented even if NILINTABLES remains off by default)