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>>>>> "Jon" == Jon Chesterfield <> writes:

 >> Except as already pointed out, it does use G(l) from lstate.h.

 Jon> Was that pointed out by Ryan?

No, by Cloud Wu.

 Jon> I got the following reply which was difficult to parse. Not sure
 Jon> what gmail is doing here. I get a few hundred emails a day through
 Jon> various mailing lists and only see this on lua-l.

Are you subscribed in digest mode or normally?

Both Cloud Wu's message and Ryan's message arrived at my mailserver as
multipart/alternative with two quoted-printable parts (NOT base64), one
text/plain and one text/html. The MIME structure seems valid to me (and
to my mail system, which is a lot more picky about that than most).

Your message also arrived as multipart/alternative with text/plain and
text/html parts, but the text/plain part was in (implied) 7bit and only
the html part in quoted-printable.

The message in base64 that you quoted elsewhere contains the text "An
HTML attachment was scrubbed..." with a URL. This
suggests to me that you have some different option set on the mailing
list (because I don't see that), but if you're not using digest mode I
don't see any option that it could be.

 Jon> I missed the macro. So there is an actual cyclic dependency
 Jon> between the headers.

 Jon> I think I'd be inclined to go with s/gfasttm(G(l), et,
 Jon> e)/gfasttm(l->l_G, et, e)/ to break the cycle.

That wouldn't break it, because l->l_G is as much a dependency on
lstate.h as G() itself is.