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Sergey Zakharchenko <>于2018年5月17日周四 下午4:22写道:
2018-05-17 10:51 GMT+03:00 云风 Cloud Wu <>:
Sergey Zakharchenko <>于2018年5月17日周四 下午3:25写道:

I've noticed that indicates that the problem has been around since 5.0, but I can't reproduce it on 5.1.4, 5.1.5 or 5.2.4. Is it a problem with the bug list entry, or am I not trying hard enough?

You are missing words : " assume that the 2nd memory allocation from now fails ", I guess you need a custom allocator to reproduce it.

Oh, thanks. So, there's still no fix or workaround for that, right?

Lua 5.4 fix this issue. You can merge the new version `luaH_resize`  in lua 5.4 (work1) by yourself.