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On 2018-03-10 22:49, Hugo Musso Gualandi wrote:
> - Is anyone else bothered by the Vim's Lua indentation like I am?

Yes.  I sometimes get frustrated by its poor auto-indentation, at least
compared to what I see/expect it to do with C files.

I wrote part of this draft just after you first email but I never sent
it.  Today it reminded me of this thread.  Have you made any progress?


Anyone tried any of these?  Do you use anything else?

> - What we can do to improve Lua indentation in upstream Vim?

Learn Vim's syntax, make a good parser for Lua, use it to indent as you
want, submit a patch to upstream, volunteer to maintain the code.  I'm
willing to help test things but I don't think I have time right now to
learn Vim script in depth nor to maintain it.  Having said that I also
want better syntax highlighting and indentation for x86 assembly in Vim.

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