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Hi Francisco and sorry for the late reply,

On Mon, Apr 23, at 06:20 Francisco Olarte wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 7:45 PM, ag <> wrote:
> > Do not try to escape. We have a defined unit and the sizeof. It's about
> > 365 (something) circles around the sun.
> the unit is one orbit around the sun, not 365.smthng.
Budha that was careless! Okey i know the reasons. First many troubles constantly
comes because i set up myself in a constant "speakind the mind" mode.
This is good but it can make you fool in public forums. But i found two
basic reasons behind my careless. First as you, i do not like to speak for
anything that i do not know and i didn't confirm by myself. But the deep
reason is (and this is the second time in a month) that i can not accept
that we are turning around ourselves. You know like "we are doing circles".
I hate it! (anyway)
> Try to proofread a bit.

Please try a little bit more as i think we are very close to proofs, see

> If you hadn't chopped in that point you would have seen I put several
> units. Given the careless writing I'll assume chopping was
> unintentional.

No chopping was intentional, i do it all the time. I use quoted words for
my own good. In that case is desirable of course because is a research.
Hopefully you will forgive me, both you and Russ.

But, i had to do it to bring you back in subject, which was about indexing.
And it seems also that you accept it also here (intentional or not):

> Maybe my choice of words was bad, I meant "stand still at the start
> and say one, two, three as I walked.".
and even more chopping: 

> I meant "stand still at the start

This is called index for me. Or zero day. Or nothing. It doesn't actually
exists. Zero means nothing. We all know that. Is just a reference. A starting
point. The adrress. Without it nothing has sence. Anything can be anything.
The behavior (per POSIX) is undefined. An arbitrary point. An explosion. The
bing bang. It happened one time. Which was that time, if zero means nothing? 
  (-1 + (0.9)) ?
  (-1 + (1.1)) ?
where is this point? does really exists? And if does which it does, where is it?
Do you see any sign of it? Could you describe it? No you just referent to it. And
so exists. Is it natural? Maybe not. But for sure is not unnatural and it makes
perfect sence. Because without it there wouldn't be any kind of stability. This
give us shape, state, a reference point either in time or in space or both.
And which of course and if it makes sence and if it is worths can be extended.
Or even can create new zero points (I believe this comes from the will. You can
all detect that point, is a little bit far away from your body (a little above
from your genitals). This brings i believe the energy to fireup a recreation.
Untill it finds its peace. That is what i believe).

But and I'm translating index here direct from the lexicon:
pointer, finger, table ... similar meanings with a lot of similarities with
programming concepts.

So here is my finally story (by using your words and cows):

Its like: stand here in the door of the corral, and start|index|zero (your
fingers)|close your hand, and from this point, start counting the cows as
they return back from their pasture green land, to check if every holly cow
returned to the corral (as it is important, to come back all safe in their sweet

Now, when the first cow passes its tail from the door, then bingo, we have the
first object (so pickup a finger and start counting)!
(I wouldn't worry about all that much for goats however, because either they've
found a good amazing high spot with view and decided to spend the night there, or
probably are around my gardens and eat my vegetables!!! ( this is not good ))¹
> Not trying to escape, but the unit is one orbit around the sun, not
> 365.smthng. Try to proofread a bit.

Again, i can not accept that! I mean i can accept the circles that are moving
in a non constand direction, that means in a free direction. They are limitess
in my mind. I really really always wanted to do something about that. 
In fact doesn't have to do something anymore. Is already done, it happens. Okey,
I'm sure that you are not going to believe that, but here it is anyway: 
As of a very recent living experience (just 10 days old) dear Francisco you'll be
the first that you'll learn the news, that from this zero time in a broader sence
(that i believe it started around the Xmas of 2012) and afterwards (all the beings
and so you and me) we'll carry our current conscience for ever, that means neither
for a fraction of time you will ever forget who you are! So have a nice journey to
the eternity! But i'm sure you are not going to believe that, as you look like the
kind of guy that looks proves, so and your attachment with counting. You know. Not
everything has to make sence. And another. Do you know the new theory around the
researches circles? That no theory can have a valid point, if it is not crazy crazy
crazy enough!
Can you believe that? The logical people say this now. You know what i'm saying?
The exact opposite. Bring back the logic and extend it, because it can be extended
as we are just a little bit away from our scratch point and we can not even imagine
yet our capabilities (think the human beings as 1024 bit machines, something like
that), and never never never can be invented such a machine again. We are the
first prototypes and living miracles (seven billion of miracles (we are just fool
or ignored about the reality (that's all)).
But we do not never never never have to forget from where we came from, from
our zero point to that point. We are catchers in the rye or guards of the gained
conscience and this alone it could be perfect!
But please, we don't have to loose again one year of life, like when happened in
the unbelievable case of BC|AD.
Where is that year?

  Αγαθοκλής (but see bellow the reference)

¹ believe it or not (you probably not, but here it is anyway): the exact time that
  i was typing this about the goats, the goats were around and i had to go out to
  check if they did eat my vegetables. They didn't! But was dangerous. The black
  male (my nigga) is like a horse and jump or destroy constantly the fences (i 
  believe that in his world which is a world without fences and walls, nobody uses
  windows and gates) so even, and when they did ate the vegetables (many times), at
  those same times that i was felt so sad about the tomatoes, i admired them for
  their tendency to revail the weaknesses and for their lordliness :-) (not sure
  about the word) and their unobsequious (again not sure about the word) spirit.
  Isn't this a strange situation or what! so many of them these days. Here is
  is a total insane one (that has relation with the "living experience 10 days ago").
  Before my zero point in this point of time, i was an elephant and before that
  a goat, that is the explanation of my attachment with goats. I even know the
  exact year i last born (around 1835) as a human before, my grandpa, my journeys,
  i remembered the last morning before i loose my signs (1890), and even my name
  (they called me cookie) and i'm after someone that i believe he also lives now
  and i want to find him (he has blue eyes, is handsome, a dominator, he is in
  wikipedia and he even has a street named after him)). But this is another story
  and certainly you are not going to believe that.