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Hey folks

I've had a crash report with a backtrace like this:

EXC_BAD_ACCESS 0x0000000000000000
0  LuaSkin                        0x10bf31a58 luaD_precall (ldo.c:453)
1  LuaSkin                        0x10bf2e3f5 luaV_execute (lvm.c:1134)
2  LuaSkin                        0x10bf31bd2 luaD_call (ldo.c:517)
3  LuaSkin                        0x10bf31c13 luaD_callnoyield (ldo.c:527)
4  LuaSkin                        0x10bf3994e luai_objcttry (lobjectivec_exceptions.m:173)
5  LuaSkin                        0x10bf3219b luaD_pcall (ldo.c:162)
6  LuaSkin                        0x10bf43301 lua_pcallk (lapi.c:968)
7  LuaSkin                        0x10bf26209 -[LuaSkin protectedCallAndTraceback:nresults:] (Skin.m:244)

(LuaSkin is our Lua 5.3.4 wrapper, and protectedCallAndTraceback is the method that calls lua_pcall())

Looking at ldo.c, I'm not convinced that line 453 is at fault, I rather more suspect that line 451 is where the NULL pointer dereference is happening, in that I suspect f is NULL.

My question then, is how could f be NULL? Has anyone else run into something like this? I can force a similar crash to happen if I define a luaL_Reg function to point to NULL, but I believe I've checked all of the places where we declare functions and none of them are NULL.