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It could help a bit if you could use the word "recap" on the subject line.
For instance I missed that one (later for this both).

For the others, I know what Dirk is trying to do here. I do it in another
environment, adjusted for that environment.

To all of us. Mailing lists is a very very very serious matter to get it
slightly. If used wisely, it can result to rapid development.

Here, Dirk is lucky. This list is full by this conscience. 

Dirk, curently I'm working in a tag system by using specific keywords on
the subject lines, here are some so far:

Concl[usion], recap, ignore, closed, clar[ification], commit, destroy, 

Now to all of us:
please go back to the matter that really matters really, which is about
"Turing Machines". Special thanks to both of you by all of us!

@Adam, you are using (lyrically i would dare to say) your obvious advantage
over the English language. I could bet you are/was a teacher sometime in time!

But do not wait from us to bite by your red herrings :-). And for the
record, its not that much i can understand yet like the others here do, but
even me was able to understand your despairous unsuccesfull try to cheat :-).

(how in hell you've managed to squeeze three times the phrase "Turing Machines"
in one sentence?)

Now Dirk, i do not know about you, but I do not like to loose my time.
And to the others, you should also probably do the same ( if, if you ask my
opinion ).

Here are some thought about the .mailing lists.

Evolution never stops. If stops one time which this time is far far away to
be even visible, then either will be in our paradise, or else (better) to
explode all these fbombs at once, but by letting us to know the specific
date so that we could make enough love and dance before tied by our hands
to jump to the eternity :-) ocean together ( but that's my opinion ).

So, i start now this discussion with you here right now (be aware that
i'm mostly work outside planting and do farming mostly, ( It's wonderfull
up here. i wish you was here to share the beauty ) so give me some time
to answer.

Dirk: if you want my opinion pall, start right now.

To the others:

You see that subject line:

Subject: @Dirk (and about mailing lists)


I hope you got it.

see ya

IMPORTAND and for my fragile feelings but and to our duty to the justice also.

My own son Dimitris ( aka dim ) helped me a lot in this writting and he
deserves the mention.

love you