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I have a question that no one seems to have the answer to. I was going over your site and found it very interesting and helpful. Thought I ask the question and you might be able to help or maybe know someone I can ask it from.

In my company we design games. We use Lua to write our scripts.

The engine is written in C++. We have no access to it other then its .exe file

We use our Linux box and run the engine.exe with the path to our lua script.

Here is the problem. We haven;t been able to find a way to debug ( break points, step thru, etc). As the program is being run to see if our lua script is having any bugs and if so where the bug is. So what happens is that if there is an issue it crashes and we have to trace our steps back and try to find the bug. Very painful and time consuming.

If we had access to the c++ engine, we could have just loaded it to say Visual studio, add our lua files and debug while its running. But we don't

So I am on a mission to find a way for us to debug. Any ideas you might have are greatly appreciated.


Dave Kay