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Joshua Jensen <> wrote:

> [1]

Wow, Joshua, it looks like your LuaPlus will mix with my Lunia project quite
nicely. I am working on adding more C and C++ type features to Lua while you
have made a very nice interface to C++ objects directly... which is something
I would need to add as well, so it is nice to have some work be done already!

I have created quite a bit of framework around a defined object model for
Lua, along with other new features. Your project will be quite helpful for
me to hook those objects up to allow two-way access between C++ and my
object model. I will not be implementing all of C++ in Lua though, just the
bits I like and think could help, keeping in mind my goal is performance
improvement while keeping an eye on runtime bloat.

I had thought of using the name Lua++ for my project, but didn't know if the
name would go over well or not. However, I think I am going to use the name
as I intend for Lua++ to be to Lua what C++ was to C... even if that is not
necessarily seen as a good thing by some people! I already have a logo for
Lua++ as well... I rotated the moon in the Lua logo to be parallel with the
shadow and added a + inside each, I think it came out really well!

I searched for usage of Lua++ online and found an old project (named LuaPP)
that was referenced on this list back in 2011 which no longer seems to have
any active files under either GitHub profile. The only other reference is
another similarly abandoned SourceForge project with a single XML file as
the entire content of the project.

All other references to "LuaPP" seem to be for a preprocessor, or other
packages that are C++ to Lua bindings. As I do not see any current use of
the name Lua++, or LuaPlusPlus, I am going to adopt "LuaPlusPlus" as the
long-form written name of my project, and will also use "Lua++", the
binaries will be "lpp" and "lppc".

If me adopting the name "Lua++" or "LuaPlusPlus" is a problem for anyone on
the list please let me know now... but given that I can find nobody else who
is actively using the name I would really like to adopt it for my project!