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I'm was going to post a message on the WIX installer mailing list
about my "LuaRocks install" plan but thought to vet my idea here first

The plan to install LuaRocks (so far) is to download, expand and run
the install.bat. My script is started here:

Then when someone removes that version of Lua, have a custom
post-removal step to delete luarocks and the tree.

I'm working out some of the PATH issues I'm running into having
multiple versions/architectures. I've started some gitub issues here:

See # 4&5


Here is what I was going to send to the wix group:

-- [[

I've created a reasonably functional installer for Lua under a  new
project called WinLua:

I'd like to follow up with an installer for the LuaRocks package
manager, but I'm a lazy man and I don't want to maintain it. Instead,
what I think I'd like to do is have a checkbox that says "would you
like us to download and install LuaRocks on completion?" and in a
custom post install script - which uses our newly installed version of
Lua - I download the luarocks zip, extract it and run the install.bat
with appropriate parameters.

My Installer adds Lua here:


I'd like to put Luarocks here:


and add the rocks tree under the same path (rocks tree is the place
that LuaRocks downloads all the files).

On un-installation of the Lua version/installation, I would like to
also uninstall all of LuaRocks and the rocks tree.

Would that also simply be a post-uninstall script (in powershell this
time) that removes said LuaRocks directories?
-- ]]