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I am pleased to announce a working Visual Studio 2017 solution that
creates a Windows MSI installer for both 32 and 64 bit builds (side by
side installation even). The installer has a fancy UI to give people
warm fuzzy feelings of completeness (myself included) and adds the
proper directories to your path. Yes, you can open powershell and type
lua and it works. Are you complete now? I know I feel better.

>>From the Readme:

Visual Studio 2017 Project and Installer for PUC Lua

This is a VS 2017 Solution that builds the current version (5.3.4) of
Lua from PUC-Rio and includes LuaFileSystem from the Kepler project.
The Solution includes a WIX Toolset installer for generating a Windows
MSI installer.

If you are looking for the latest version of Lua to run on Windows 10,
download a PUC-Lua-Installer.msi file from Visual
Studio/bin/x86/Release and enjoy.

The only intellectual property of mine is the installer. It's FreeBSD licensed.

Windows Revisions

Currently the solution is built against Windows 10 SDK (10.0.16299.0).
If someone *really* wants an older version of Windows supported,
please ask on the mailing list and I'll attempt to build against an
older Windows SDK.

Maintenance Intentions

I will not be adding anything else to the installer. I will only be
maintaining the package against the current version of Lua and lfs. I
will be archiving installers, but I will not be maintaining backwards
compatibility with Visual Studio or Lua.

Currently, patches to the current version will be allowed to upgrade,
but new major/minor revisions will force an uninstall.

Bugs and Deficiencies:
- Major/Minor Language changes will force an uninstall and reinstall
of the package. This should probably be changed.