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It was thus said that the Great Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo once stated:
> > +  pthread_mutex_t lock;
> >  } global_State;
> Note that you don't need to change this struct to support OS threads.
> Lua states contain an array of size LUA_EXTRASPACE that can be used
> to store additional data. See also lua_getextraspace. The macros
> luai_userstate* can be defined to manage OS threads.
> Search the archives for examples. Note that LUA_EXTRASPACE was spelled 
> LUAI_EXTRASPACE before 5.3.

  I saw LUA_EXTRASPACE, but I decided against it for a few reasons:

	1) A `void *` may not be big enough to store a pthread_mutex_t.

	2) A `void *` *is* big enough to store a pointer to a
	   pthread_mutex_t, but then I would need to add code to allocate a

	3) I need to recompile Lua *anyway* with a new defintion for
	   lua_lock() and lua_unlock().

	4) Since this is just for benchmarking, I wanted to do the simplest
	   thing that could work.