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What are you thoughts on integrating with the Language server specification? (

On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 8:55 PM Shakil Thakur <> wrote:
I've been working on lua-complete, a lua auto-completion engine, for a few weeks now and want to get some feedback!

It can be installed from luarocks (currently in the dev branch):
    luarocks install --server= lua-complete

which will install a client/server that can be used for auto-completion. While it can be used standalone, it makes more sense as a plugin to a text editor or IDE.

More information can be found on the GitHub page:

I've also written a Sublime Text 3 plugin - called LuaComplete - that can be installed via Sublime Text's Package Manager. It uses the client/server provided from the module, so be sure to install it first if you want to use the plugin. You can see it in action on the plugins GitHub page (

lua-complete analyzes files to determine function names, function parameters, and table keys - so, there's no need for definition files or anything! It should one day be able to help text editors and IDEs do completion of Lua code.

Currently it can handle auto-completing:
 * Imported module functions, function parameters, and tables (including subtables!)
 * Lua standard library functions (except the packages module)
 * Completion of Lua's 'self' with colon operator (mostly, currently doesn't filter out "self" from function list) in imported modules
 * Table completions in current file (not-including sub-tables...)
 * Function parameters for Lua functions

(more plans/shortcomings can be found on the GitHub page).

While it's it "beta", it can do quite a bit to make development easier. I'm keeping the "beta" moniker around until I've finalized some of the API and think it's relatively stable.

I'm also considering writing plugins for other text editors, so was curious to find out what people use. I've setup a survey to identify what people use and the platforms they use them on:

Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make it better or features that could make it more useful!

Major thanks to mpeterv for writing luacheck. I'm currently using its parser when doing analysis.