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I may be misreading this, but:

5.3 docs say that lua_pushcfunction cannot throw error (it's tagged with
[-0, +1, -]).

But reading the code, it seems to be able to throw an error on this

lua_pushcfunction (macro)
 calls lua_pushcclosure with n==0
  calls luaC_checkGC  (even when n==0)
   calls luaC_step
    calls runafewfinalizers
     calls GCTM with propagateerrors==1
      calls luaD_throw to propagate an error from a finalizer

This looks like a problem in the code to me: wouldn't it make more sense
to put the luaC_checkGC call in lua_pushcclosure inside the else

But if the behavior of the code is regarded as being correct, it seems a
rather critical documentation error... I just wrote a whole lot of code
relying on the documented behavior, and got a very nasty surprise.