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Russell Haley <> wrote:

> Brilliant, thank you so much. Aaargh! (falls down rabbit hole). :)
> This actually answers some questions (and posses new ones) I have
> about using Lua in a real time environment. My targets are RTEMS and
> learning how to use the FreeBSD real time clock. Specifically I want
> to know about RT clocks and GC (which this illuminates), as well as
> running Lua in an environment without a virtual memory manager. From
> my limited understanding, RTEMS doesn't have one because it runs as a
> single binary with a single memory space.

Glad the link was of help, it definitely helped me gain an understanding of
how the garbage collector does its magic!

I was contemplating implementing the four-color GC at some future point so
I could learn more about the GC, however, since the current GC works good
enough for now it's a low priority goal.

What is your need for running in a real-time environment? I do not have
much experience with real-time operating systems, but it does sound like
an interesting environment to work in.