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On 11/15/2017 06:48 AM, Paige DePol wrote:
> I have produced a very small patch which only makes adjustments in lvm.c to the OP_FORLOOP and OP_FORPREP opcodes to solve the issue of the edge case where math.maxinteger or math.mininteger are used, or where the sign bit overflowed.

Well, your patch broke version detection test from KHMan.

Now I can not reproduce cycle going out of limits:

  > for i = math.maxinteger, math.maxinteger do print(i) end
  > for i = math.maxinteger, math.maxinteger - 2, -1 do print(i) end
  > for i = math.mininteger, math.mininteger + 2, 1 do print(i) end

(Thank you for patch.)

-- Martin