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Ok Pierre.
I installed :
1) Lua (last version) from scratch (compiling and installing)
2) Luarocks (last version) from scratch (compiling and installing)
3) realine-devel from dnf pakage manager (Fedora 25)
4) From luarocks i installed rs232

All of them with no errors.
Now i'm trying to use rs232 library.

This is my program:

local rs232 = require "rs232"

local p, e = rs232.port('ttyUSB0',{
  baud         = '_57600';
  data_bits    = '_8';
  parity       = 'NONE';
  stop_bits    = '_1';
  flow_control = 'OFF';
  rts          = 'ON';


An this is the error. I'm sure tha port ttyUSB0 is in use and ready


José María