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Hey, sorry about the late reply. (Poor inbox filtering, my bad.)

My business will soon be offering some tools (and eventually services) for the Lua community, however they won't be exclusively focused on Lua (e.g. one tool has support for 4 languages with several more in the works), so I've been seeking input from a few different scripting language communities and as such the messages to the list and the questions in the survey may feel a little generic or spammy - but I assure you that they are directly (just not exclusively) Lua-related. (I'm holding off releasing too many details about the business/tools/services until the site is up, as this would invite many questions best answered by a FAQ page.)

This survey was a bit less technical than the first one, largely focusing on marketing/distribution aspects, so I expected there may be some questions about the relevance or ethics of posting it in mailing lists. Sorry if I've broken any guidelines (I did check at least twice, so I don't think I have).

As well as helping my business develop tools and services to cater for the Lua community, the results of the survey (from those who opted in to sharing their answers) will also be published for all to see once the business site is up, so hopefully this will give others in the Lua community (as well as adjacent communities) a better idea of who might be using libraries or tools that they share.

And just for the record, the questions about app stores weren't just for my benefit - I'm very interested in helping others ship commercial software products too (a big challenge of my business is balancing this with open source interests in a productive way, but I'm not quite ready to offer a full plan for this yet).

In the future, I hope to find better ways of conducting this kind of market research, but given the volume and quality of feedback I've received so far I don't think I'm off to such a bad start.


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Subject: Re: Platform preferences survey (your chance to gripe about app stores!)
And how is this related to Lua?

On Oct 6, 2017 11:38 AM, "Zak Fenton" <> wrote:

Hi everyone!

I'm launching a business offering new tools and services that might be of interest to users of scripting languages, so I'm interested in hearing your input (again).

Thanks to those of you who participated in the earlier survey I've been busy improving the product suite to better match the needs of the community, so now I'm looking for more information about platform and distribution preferences in the lead-up to release. (Those of you who opted in for the beta trial are still on the list, I'll be in touch soon.) 

This survey should take less than 4 minutes to complete: