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On 10/16/2017 05:23 AM, prashantkumar dhotre wrote:
> hi
> i am new to lua. i have a query related to table reading from file.
> i have a config file in lua table format:
> example:
> return {
>     ["param1"] = {
>         ["attribute"] = {
>             ["myparam"] = 1,
>         }
>    },
>    ["param2"] = 1
> }
> could you please let me know how do i read this file and access my config file
> parameters ?
> Thanks

Suppose your config file is named "config.lua" and located in same
directory as .lua file from where you calling it. Then you may load
config as

  local config = dofile('config.lua')


  local config = require('config')

(Way via require() caches result, so several require('config')
will yield to one reading from file.)

Now variable "config" is just ordinary Lua table.
You can get it's values like

  local myparam
    config.param1 and
    myparam = config.param1.attribute.myparam
  print('myparam', myparam)

(Here I'm showing "safe" way. You may drop "if" check if you sure
that "param1.attribute" is always present.)

-- Martin