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You can already do this:

debug.setmetatable(1.0, {__lt = function(num,tbl)
  if type(tbl)=='table' then return tbl[1] < num and num < tbl[2]
  else error("attempt to compare number with "..type(tbl))
end end })

if math.pi-3 < {10/71,10/70} then print "Archimedes was right" end

2017-10-15 0:51 GMT+02:00 Soni L. <>:
This would be cool:

v = f(x) <- g(y) <- h(z)
v = v() -- v = result of f(x, g(y, h(z)))

(I guess Lua 5.3 can do <<- and stuff but has anyone made a lib for it yet?)

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