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The manual states:

%f[set], a frontier pattern; such item matches an empty string at any position such that the next character belongs to set and the previous character does not belong to set. The set set is interpreted as previously described. The beginning and the end of the subject are handled as if they were the character '\0'.

A pattern is a sequence of pattern items. A caret '^' at the beginning of a pattern anchors the match at the beginning of the subject string.

However, I noticed something kinda weird:

string.match("''", "%f[']'", 2) --> nil
string.match("''", "^'", 2) --> '

You'd think the first ' in the first string.match would be handled as the character '\0', consistent with '^'. Or, you'd think the latter would never match.

So uh, '^' -> runs the match only once, at the specified position?

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