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Am 31.08.2017 um 14:18 schröbte Benas Vaitkevičius:

Thank you for testing it Peter. I have updated the code and fixed all the
issues you reported. The recovery pattern in Lua parser caused an infinite
loop - the memory usage should be much more stable now. The memory usage
will still be a little bit higher, as the automatic AST building captures
even unnecessary tokens, i.e. "then", "end", etc. The parser in your link
should thus have a lower memory usage, but not by much I assume.
Also, I tested parsing all the luacheck files - it works fine now.

Speaking of luacheck: I believe you are using some global variables/functions in your modules. luacheck can help identify those (and some other issues). Also, would you consider putting your helper modules in a namespace? Especially your stack module is likely to cause conflicts with other code.