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On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 2:45 PM, Martin <> wrote:
> Hello all!
> Some time ago, in some conversation was stated it would be nice to have
> tool that automatically places LDoc comments before function definitions.
> Recently I've reworked my lua code parser and made such tool (in about
> three hours).
> (GPL3, requires Lua5.3, probably GNU/Linux)
> Sample usage:
>   git clone
>   cd autoldoc
>   lua autoldoc.lua test.1.lua test.1.lua.ld
> Currently it's proof-of-concept but if community interested, it may be
> developed further to update existing LDoc comments.
> -- Martin

Hi Martin,

I had made one of those comments about having function comment headers
auto-generated. I'm on a $work trip right now and under the gun so I
won't get a chance to play with it for a week or two, but I'm really
excited to try it out.

Thanks for putting in the 'hard work' to help me be much lazier (but
more descriptive!) in my coding. lolz