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if you wanna make a lightweight server, then you can get one and
customize it. probably you will find what you want included in some
more complex projects... i've chose turbo, it's fast and lightweight,
but it's luajit only... btw it wasn't a fast&small research, but
i had probably different aims than whoever else, so as well you will
need your own research. i'm sure about there are good materies out
there, but work will be needed anyhow :D i also think that
cryptographic stuffs mostly can be implemented easily from any other
one you can read, because it's mostly just some math - so it not
depends on an endless root - i think...

have fun :D

2017-08-08 1:22 GMT+02:00 John Dunn <>:
> I'm trying to track down a reasonably up to date cross platform ( linux/win ) crypto library which works with 5.3 and has a commercially viable license. So far I've looked at
> - It claims that the license was changed to LGPL which might fly but COPYING is still GPLv2 which is pretty much a no go. Doesn't look like it would be easy to get running on Windows as well.
> - This seems to basically work although it is missing some functionality like BLOWFISH that I need. It also has a problem where it causes lua_close to crash if all I do is require the module. I think this is related to the way the module metatables are left on the stack combined with a call to lua_settop. I haven't dug into exactly what's going but converting to 5.3 style modules is probably a start - if anyone else has done this work please let me know.
> - 11 years old and very limited in scope.
> Are there any other modules I'm missing that I should check out?