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I apologise for my partial role in initiating the latest tabs/spaces
merry-go-round.  But just briefly:

I note the "... and source code control" part of the original post:  Many
current distributed control systems use hashes (SHA1 etc) to track the
repository based on its contents, and space/tab conversions, along with any
trailing whitespace, are big changes at the hash level.

I'm somewhat partial to a lukewarm version of Knuth's "Literate Programming",
where at least enterprise-wide readability/maintainability is a significant
consideration when evaluating the "worthiness" of code, including comments.
This leads to a demand that all code written within an enterprise conform to
an agreed set of standards, but does not demand that external libraries that
are reasonably self-contained be reformatted.

There are many different weighting factors that people have given for
different styles, and there's no single correct set that meets all needs,
at least from what I've seen from the discussion.