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Puc-Lua Windows installer does not build lua, it uses the output from a (your) mingw build process and bundles it for installing. It's gotten a little out of hand trying to script parts to make it work but is close to being done. 

Puc-Lua-VS2017-Solution is a visual studio solution that (will) build lua with the MS toolchain. I will then use what I learned in the mingw installer to package the vs build within Visual Studio. It is only loosely coupled with the Lua source so I will then maintain the VS solution going forward via a link to the git mirror (I don't need the make files so the raw source is good enough). I intend to keep it up to date with Lua and will not be maintaining older Lua versions (except through git labels or whatever they're called.  Too much perforce). 

Does that help? While the benefit of an installer is dubious for Lua, I think in the minds of many Windows users, it adds credibility to the application. 

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From: Joe DF
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 5:48 PM
To: Russell Haley; Lua mailing list
Subject: Re: Puc-Lua Windows Installer

Style is important true. Functionality is however, the basis of programming. That said, this is offtopic. 

Now I am confused as to which is which? PUC-Lua-VS2017-Solution?

And evidently, even my config files need some tidying up :p

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From: Russell Haley <>
Sent: June 11, 2017 3:25 AM
To: Lua mailing list; Joe DF
Subject: Puc-Lua Windows Installer

I've done some more work on the PUC-Lua windows installer scripts and
the installer itself. I think it looks quite pretty now:

Comments welcome.

The 32-bit installer is here:

I have linked in to VS configuration management but can't get it to
generate x64 yet (a setting somewhere I suspect).

This incarnation of the project is a bottomless pit so I am going to
clean it up to a respectable point (pretty close now) and transition
over to getting Lua to build in VS. The installer will still be useful
in the VS solution but the scripts to generate the file lists will not
and they have been the most consuming part. I have started a VS 2017
project for Lua here:

I had it build ONCE as a stand alone executable but can't get a
separate dll for the library to work. It's failing on linking. Any
help would be grand. Output is here: