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在 2017/6/1 14:57, Kermani Maziar 写道:
> Hello again and thank you for the reply,
> Yes, when I was checking the OPEN and FILE statements on google, all I got was I/O fortran and Java instances.
> My operating system is windows 7. I am using default libraries of Lua plus a code generated in our lab for optimization purposes.
> In this specific case we are actually using Dakota for optimization. So what happens is that Lua will generate a Dakota run file which will be called through serpent library. This Dakota run file has to call lua files in loops (a multi-objective genetic algorithm). The thing is that I didn’t write this handler but as far as I can check the code several libraries are used including: socket, and serpent.

you didn't even say where the error message came from. you need to figure out where the
error message was issued, then track down the origin of the bad arguments to the function
or command that you invoke. check the contracts of all the function or commands across the
calling stack. if all arguments were valid, then it must be a bug in the library or toolkit
you used.

some general debugging techniques and tricks: examine carefully the stack trace, every entry
should be checked; check the whole log instead only the last few lines; intercept syscalls
and validate the arguments; dump and validate the environment variables.

I've no idea what dokata is. first you should check that the command to run the toolkit that
your script generated was in good shape, i.e. all the command line arguments are valid. if
in doubt, consult the documents or the support team. if the command line are good but the
program still complains, you'd better report to the vendor.

I'm afraid not many people in the Lua community would have the expertise in your specific
domain. given a Lua script without the domain knowledge, the script makes no sense. people
on this list might give you general advices and suggestions about debugging, but since your
problem doesn't seem to be related to Lua the language or libraries, but instead was very
domain specific, I'd suggest you seek help from the domain experts such as the dokata people,
whoever that may be.

the nerdy Peng / 书呆彭 /