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Hi, I've run into issues attempting to run Lua on PowerPC64, resulting in a the following ERROR:

PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (bad conversion number->int; must recompile Lua with proper settings)

PowerPC64 can now be Little Endian, so I believe the issue can be resolved by updating luaconf.h to check for endianness as follows:

/* pentium 64 bits? */
#elif defined(__x86_64)                                         /* }{ */

#define LUA_IEEE754TRICK

+ #elif defined(__powerpc64__) || defined(__PPC64__)            /* }{ */
+ #define LUA_IEEE754TRICK
+ #if defined(__LITTLE_ENDIAN__)
+ #define LUA_IEEEENDIAN                0
+ #else
+ #define LUA_IEEEENDIAN                1
+ #endif
#elif defined(__POWERPC__) || defined(__ppc__)                  /* }{ */