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> Have you looked at the elua project?
> Probably lots of good stuff in there...
Thanks for the suggestion Russ! I've looked around it a bit, but it's a
good suggestion to go back and look again.

The techniques they used for limiting the memory overhead of immutable
closures (C-functions in the base libraries) seem applicable, though
they have not been ported to 5.3 and from what I hear there is no plan
to. I haven't seen anything around there regarding programming patterns,
and from our experience running a class a few years ago (this is the
royal "our", it was actually collaborators of mine that were involved in
running the class at a different university) with a platform based on
eLua, memory exhaustion was reasonably rampant with ~64kB to play with.

Finally, eLua seems primarily geared towards providing a runtime on a
totally bare-metal system---in this case, it's running on top of an
embedded OS and the userland already has a C-runtime, so getting vanilla
Lua to run was fairly straight forward.