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Read and write YAML-1.1 format files with Lua.

I am happy to announce release 6.1.3 of lyaml.  The content is identical
to the previous 6.1 releases, but with no autotools in the build system
anymore, and some clean ups and portability fixes for the replacement,
and fixes all known issues with the autotool-free build system.

Because I don't have (or want) access to a Windows machine, issues and
pull-requests to fix any problems installing to Microsoft machines
are especially welcome.

lyaml's home page is at

## Noteworthy changes in release 6.1.3 (2017-05-29) [stable]

### Bug fixes

  - `luke` no longer bombs out with a nil concat error.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

    luarocks install lyaml 6.1.3