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On 08-May-17 04:35, Pedro Alves wrote:
Hi, everyone!

I'm here to announce AbsTK. The Abstract ToolKit is a widget toolkit for
GUI and TUI (text-based user interface) applications. It allows you to,
with the same source code, build a UI that runs on GUI (GTK) and TUI
(Curses). AbsTK is written in Lua and uses lgi
<> and lcurses
<> bindings.


Looks nice! And documented with examples, too (the best sort of basic documentation).

"All it accepts is "curses" and "gtk", because it's not the kind of thing that should be on the final version of your code"

Why not? Would it not be appropriate for a program that could be run in single-user mode, or with an alternate text interface in case there is not enough memory?