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hi, Luiz,

It’s hard to define a set of real-life problems with proper size. I’d prefer a book focused on advanced language features/paradigms with some semi-real-life examples. 

“Practical Common Lisp” is a good example. While “Beautiful Racket” ( does not balance well (though the example is well sized, but the tools/libs it relies on are kind of too complex to fit in my head). 


在 2017年5月6日,上午6:34,Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> 写道:

One thing that may be quite useful for the whole Lua community is a
cookbook with idiomatic Lua recipes for common tasks.

This has been discussed here before. See for instance this thread and
other threads around the same time:

That message points to
which seems to be abandoned...

Perhaps this project was too ambitious and it'd better to settle for
pure Lua solutionsto real-life problems. These solutions may need to use
external libraries and it'd be a good opportunity for collecting a list
of useful libraries.