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On 4 May 2017 at 12:39, 云风 Cloud Wu <> wrote:
> Daurnimator <>于2017年5月4日周四 下午3:31写道:
>> Is currently the best protobuf
>> library?
>  It's my protobuf 2.x library.

And this one is in the spirit of Lua - i.e. - small.

I don't think any of these support protobuf3 - or am I wrong?

In any case looks like to get a grpc binding we need a protobuf
implementation for Lua first. In my project I am using grpc and
protobuf, and unfortunately because of lack of bindings - I call C#
programs from Lua, and all the messaging is done in C#. I should
create a grpc binding for Lua but it is a big project in its own
right, and I don't have the time or bandwidth.

It is a shame though as Ruby, Python and Javascript bindings are
available officially from Google.

Idea: Maybe this could be GSoC project for Lua?