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i deeply agree with these arguments, and proper solutions tastes like
over complicating stuffs, but i think trolls and their apps/libs would
just bleed out on natural selection, even if every possibilities are
left opened :D in worse case trolls' stuffs just become forked and
cleaned up... the harder part is input from different keyboard, if one
have to relay to some special chars, but this is for a target group or
also for natural selection...

the most important question is security, but i've got no hints, just i
know, it can be tricky to find good ideas for it, but opensauce (yup)
is for trust, and wouldn't be good to make people abled to trick
others eyes and do anything evil, but thats already art to use this
for anything harmful, but it's an old trick to use these tricks for
phising, but i dunni how this would come from lua utf stuffs, but the
security topic always worth the time and effort :)

2017-05-01 15:05 GMT+02:00 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
>> I'd like to have Lua better support checking whether something is RFC-legal UTF-8.
> What is wrong with 'utf8.len'?
> -- Roberto