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   The ebook version of PiL4 is now available -- yeay! -- and I've just
   purchased a copy, to go with my printed copy.  Here's the link:

   However, in the PDF version which I downloaded:

   -- the formatting seems quite crude, compared to the printed book

   -- there is an excessively wide left margin, so that the right end
      of each line is off screen, with default PDF reader settings

   -- the pagination does not match that of the printed book, which is
      a bit of a hassle when using both versions

   -- the Table of Contents is ( partially ) included twice

   -- ( minor point ) the file is called "programming-in-lua-3ed.pdf"

   By contrast, the printed and ebook versions of PiL3 were identical.

   Could the same be done for PiL4, please?

Thanks, Joseph

Joseph Manning / Computer Science / UCC Cork Ireland /