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On 21 April 2017 at 17:04, Eike Decker <> wrote:
> Do you have anything else that comes to your mind?

How about:

  - Size: in lines of code, complexity, #functions and actual runtime size
    Compared to other languages, you can actually learn+remember the
whole language
    You can read through the whole code base without getting lost
    You can remember the whole standard library!

  - Philosophy of "mechanism, not policy"
    If there is more than one way to do something, lua will generally
choose neither
    and instead provide an unopinionated api on which you can build your own

  - Embeddability and ease of interoperation with existing code
    Lua's strong C api and enclosed runtime makes it easy to integrate
into existing applications/kernels/games.
    Because of this you can use existing libraries instead of writing your own.
    Not to mention that it allows you to have cross-language teams, or
phase in Lua's introduction.