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Am 13.04.2017 um 19:01 schröbte Vadim Peretokin:
Hey, thanks for that link, this kind of stuff is why I came to ask here. I
read that your module does changes to the global environment (in the
default load manner), are any of those changes backwards incompatible with
code written for plain 5.1?

It's mostly extensions/enhancements and the old functions like `getfenv`, `loadstring`, `unpack`, etc. are still there, but if you look hard enough you'll find some incompatibilities (e.g. the table library in 5.3 respects metamethods while the library in Lua 5.1 uses raw accesses, or the return values of `os.execute`). You can `require"compat53.module"` avoid this, or if you are only interested in utf8, there's also `require"compat53.utf8"` which only loads the utf8 backport. The last two options don't modify the global environment.


On Thu, 13 Apr 2017 6:47 pm Philipp Janda, <> wrote:

Am 13.04.2017 um 16:28 schröbte Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
I'd like to add support for dealing with utf-8 text in Lua 5.1 - for
functions such as string.gsub, string.len and etc. I'm aware 5.3 comes
a utf8 library but I'm not considering breaking capability for the huge
ecosystem of code that's been developed for 5.1 for my application just

I know there's starwing/luautf8, are there any other options that I
be considering?

With the simple changes below, lutf8lib.c from 5.3 compiles fine in 5.1.
I haven't tested it though.

It won't work because of `lua_pushfstring(L, "%U", ?)`. You can #define
it to something reasonable, though. Compat-5.3[1] has lutf8lib.c
backported to Lua 5.1, btw.

    < #include "lprefix.h"
    < LUAMOD_API int luaopen_utf8 (lua_State *L) {
    <   luaL_newlib(L, funcs);
    > LUALIB_API int luaopen_utf8 (lua_State *L) {
    >   luaL_register(L, "utf8", funcs);