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Roberto Ierusalimschy <>于2017年4月5日周三 下午9:16写道:
> As far as I understand it, this should have been a relatively easy
> change to make and maintain; lvm.c has #defines ready for you to make
> such a modification (vmdispatch, vmcase, vmbreak).

Last time I tested, the following definitions would do the trick.

-- Roberto

#undef vmdispatch
#undef vmcase
#undef vmbreak

#define vmdispatch(x)     goto *disptab[x];

#define vmcase(l)     L_##l:

#define vmbreak         vmfetch(); vmdispatch(GET_OPCODE(i));

I think gcc has already  optimize switch/case into jump table.

I test it in gcc 4.9.2 :

gcc -std=gnu99 -O2 -S -Wall -c lvm.c

movl %ebx, %r15d
movl %ebx, %eax
shrl $6, %r15d
andl $63, %eax
movzbl %r15b, %edx
movq %rdx, %r9
movq %rdx, %r15
salq $4, %r9
cmpl $45, %eax
leaq (%rdi,%r9), %rsi
ja .L357
movslq 0(%r13,%rax,4), %rax
addq %r13, %rax
jmp *%rax
.section .rdata,"dr"
.align 4
.long .L359-.L360
.long .L361-.L360
.long .L362-.L360

It use jmp *%rax for switch case. The trick only remove the unused default case.