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I'm checking some Lua code with LuaCheck, and I run across this error:

    test2.lua:292:19: left-hand side of assignment is too long

I checked the documentation online, and there's no explaination as to what
causes this particular error to trigger.  It took me a while to notice the
actual error:

	size,use16 = opsize(parse.opcode.immediate) + 1 -- [1]

I'm not sure what phrase you could use in this case to make it more
apparent, but what's there isn't exactly that great.

  -spc (Perhaps "left-hand assignment not coherent with right hand function

[1]	I'm in the process of writing an assembler for an 8-bit CPU. Partly
	because the one I have is not condusive to modification [2] and
	party to expand my knowledge of LPeg.

[2]	Pre-ANSI-C, almost exclusive use of globals, etc.