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Am 29.03.2017 um 21:31 schrieb Russell Haley:
Sorry for the top post. (and most likely the wrong stream of this conversation). Some thoughts on this and prior posts:

Lua showing up on any top ten list is actually a compliment to its wide and varied usage. Hardly what I would call a niche language. I'm sure there are dozens of lanuage communities that would love to be a top ten dreaded language. Perhaps what is meant instead of niche is strength or feature?‎ Likewise, the diversity of variants is a testament to the utility and flexibility of the syntax.

Lua as it stands (IMHO) is a beautiful, thoughtful piece of work and an amazing piece of technology when taken as a whole. ‎Not a single complaint is 'I can't do x' but simply 'I don't like how I have to do x'.

I've found multiple threading libraries though I don't look for cross platform compatibility. Also, if one wants a nice IDE and ZeroBrane doesn't have enough features, there is a great add-in for JetBrains IDEA.

It's always easier to criticize then invent. I am grateful for the ‎fantastic language given away with such a liberal license. The creators are teachers and to ask them to also give away the PIL is to ask them to give away their income.  The meager $30 investment towards the carreer of said complainants on SO would go a long way to alleviate the pains they may have.

And finally I think the community has done a wonderful job filling in the functional gaps that have been intentionally left to keep the language small and portable. I would say to complainants if they were on my team, "Didn't find the library you like? Oh, well I thought you were a developer? All the sources are available including the LuaRocks website. STFU and fix it yourself. Otherwise don't let the door hit you on the way out."


A big +1 :)

The language design is what i ever looked for: easy to lern, you can
code easy/simple programs very quickly and when your skill improves, it
seems the language grows with you and allows all high level stuff like
oop and more.

The Trouble on windows is not lua language related. From my point of
view it is c-compiler related. you have to choose from cygwin, msys,
tdm-gcc, VS2005, VS2005+x, VS2005+y, VS2005+z, ... What a mess!

After using (and registering) a older VS version some years ago i lost
my registration key and cant even reregister or download this verion
anymore and so i stepped away from VS.

For me TDM-gcc works great and with iup and wxlua i have gui libs i can

And Windows is not Windows. You have 32bit and 64bit, 95, vista, 7, 8,
and now 10.

So what compiler/editor/... should someone choose, who wants to build a
lua-studio sufficient for all relevant Windows versions and suitable
for all windows users and all programming tasks? I dont know it and
probably noone knows it.