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Am 27.03.2017 um 10:46 schröbte Pierre Chapuis:

Lua is already pretty easy to install everywhere except on
Windows. Because I/O is not standard today, a lot of modules
have C parts so I don't think a Lua development setup without
a C compiler is realistic. There are plenty of solutions that
are not so complicated (MinGW + luawinmulti, the Linux
subsystem, msys2...) but maybe we need something that installs
a local mingw + Lua + LuaRocks with a graphical installer to
satisfy some category of users.

Been there, done that[1]. The problem is neither Lua, nor LuaRocks, or the C compiler or graphical installer. The problem is always the dependencies. LuaDist was a nice idea, but the Lua community is probably just not big enough for such an approach. The only way I can see is some form of binary distribution of dependencies. I experimented with NuGet and Win-Builds, but Windows is just a demanding development environment. Maybe things get better with Microsoft's new runtime library strategy ...