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On 03/26/2017 05:10 AM, Andreas Falkenhahn wrote:
> In my app I'm using a heavily customized version of Lua 5.0.2.
> Recently, I've learned that some customers seem to use very
> large scripts with this app, for example a script that is about
> 180 MB in size.
> [...]
> Surprisingly, there don't seem to be any problems when feeding
> a 180 MB script to my customized version of Lua 5.0.2. It
> all seems to work fine. Still, I'm wondering how scalable
> the Lua 5.0.2 interpreter is? Are those customers running
> into the risk of hitting a boundary sooner or later with
> those extremely large scripts?

I've used Lua 5.3 occasionally to load generated e-books library
contents. This is a table with about 1.5M entries. Final file is
1.6GiB lua script with "return {...}" statement. It loads in nearly
40 seconds and I have no problems working with it from code.

-- Martin