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On 25-Mar-17 23:35, Sean Conner wrote:
  Despite computers today being *way* more powerful than the computers I
used 32 years go, somehow, the joy of programming isn't quite there ...

You can say that again. Most of the fun and wonder ended for me in the early '80s, when personal computers switched from creativity tools to productivity ones. Thank goodness sometimes a rare gem like Lua brightens up a dreary landscape.

  -spc (I wonder if this explains why I'm having a blast writing 6809
	assembly code as a PONARV [1])


Oh, it looks like I am a Ponarvian :-)

The 6809 taught me a valuable lesson: increased complexity and sophistication is not always for the better. We were producing a family of 6502-based industrial cards at the time; when the 6809 came out, we were impressed by the little beast's capabilities and we thought it would greatly improve performance and code productivity. It didn't: they both stayed at 6502 level, possibly even a bit less.

Having learned more than once that lesson about the value of smart minimalism, it was easy to love Lua at first sight.