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It was thus said that the Great Pierre Chapuis once stated:
> March 24, 2017 10:10 PM, "Sean Conner" <> wrote:
> > The consensus there seems to be: it's missing batteries and I can't get
> > started with it in less than 5 seconds on Windows.
> I answered on Reddit, but I will say it again here: the only way
> I found to have a decent experience using Lua on Windows is through
> It only depends on a C
> compiler (MinGW or MSVC) and gives you a working, self-contained
> Lua with a working LuaRocks. This should be what we point Windows
> users to.

  Even requiring a C compiler is way too much for some people.  Oh man, I
need a C compiler to iterate through a folder?  Python don't need no C
compiler to iterate through a folder ...

  -spc (Don't make me think bro!)