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Once a few dozens of launching my app I notice crash on start, lua
Keeping in mind that this could be our-code issue, anyway I looked on
lua_newstate() implementation.
Here it is with my comments:

LUA_API lua_State *lua_newstate (lua_Alloc f, void *ud) {
  int i;
  lua_State *L;
  global_State *g;
  void *l = (*f)(ud, NULL, 0, state_size(LG));			// realloc
allocation (mem filled with garbage)
  if (l == NULL) return NULL;
  L = tostate(l);
  g = &((LG *)L)->g;
  L->next = NULL;
  L->tt = LUA_TTHREAD;
  g->currentwhite = bit2mask(WHITE0BIT, FIXEDBIT);
  L->marked = luaC_white(g);
  set2bits(L->marked, FIXEDBIT, SFIXEDBIT);
  preinit_state(L, g);
  g->frealloc = f;
  g->ud = ud;
  g->mainthread = L;
  g->uvhead.u.l.prev = &g->uvhead;
  g-> = &g->uvhead;
  g->GCthreshold = 0;  /* mark it as unfinished state */
  g->strt.size = 0;
  g->strt.nuse = 0;
  g->strt.hash = NULL;
  setnilvalue(L, registry(L));					// crash

setnilvalue macro gives something like this:

	TValue *i_o = L->l_G->l_regisry;			// l_G
points just to global_State *g, initialized in preinit_state(L, g), and
registry is plain struct member. Valid pointer but content filled with
	if (i_o >= L->base && i_o < L->top && !stuckref(i_o))
		i_o->value.gc->gch.refCount--;			// crashed
bcs value.gc is garbage. It could pass inside IF bcs L->base, L->top and
i_o->tt also are garbage and ____could catch bad luck____.
} while(0)

I'm wondering bcs if my reasoning right - this should be more frequent and
well-known issue. But smoking web gave no results.
So, the question is - where am I wrong? However, I really can't find
initialization of L->base, L->top and g->l_regisry->tt at this stage. (in my
case tt == 7 so pass !stuckref(i_o) check)