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On 05/03/17 02:09 PM, Petri Häkkinen wrote:
On Mar 5, 2017, at 6:57 PM, "Soni L." <> wrote:
Write a modding API where you use

get_inventory_item(something, slot) -- aka a "static non-replaceable function"

And "get_inventory_item" cannot be replaced and you don't call a function from "something" through it. So e.g. no

function get_inventory_item(something, slot)
  return something.get_inventory_item(something, slot) -- aka an "object function"

And no having a lookup table to map objects to functions.

function get_inventory_item(obj, slot)
   if obj.inv then
     return obj.inv[slot]

Sorry couldn't resist :)

You probably want opaque objects (don't want the inventory table to be directly accessible on user side):

local inventories = {}

function get_inventory_item(obj, slot)
   local inv = inventories[obj]
   if inv then
     return inv[slot]


This is assuming all inventories store data as an array of slots.

What if an inventory wants to be a map of item type to item amount, and provide a slot-based interface for accessing those items? (No, we're not talking hypotheticals here. These are very much a thing in the world of Modded Minecraft.)

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