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I'll just make a quick note here that if anyone has feedback on Lua
Vermelha, I'd be glad to hear about it :)

So far, we've mostly been focused on getting good performance on some
micro benchmarks. But, if anyone has a project they'd be interested in
running with Lua Vermelha, I really want to hear about it. Having a real
project to look at is going to make it much easier to know where to
focus our energy.


PS: thanks Dibyendu for mention the project :)

On 04/03/17 12:10 PM, Dibyendu Majumdar wrote:
> On 4 March 2017 at 08:36, Alex Larsen <> wrote:
>> LuaJIT does not support 5.3 and given the fact that the project has been
>> pretty dead recently I don't think it ever will. This sucks because I really
>> like 5.3 but the performance of PUC-Rio's implementation is really terrible
>> compared to LuaJIT.
> LuaJIT is pretty alive - you need to follow stuff on GitHub. However,
> if you want LuaJIT for 5.3, I am not sure that will ever happen.
>> Will Lua 5.3 ever get a JIT compiler? It's been about 2 years since it's
>> release yet nothing.
> Well there is Ravi ( which I
> am building. There is also a new initiative from IBM
> ( But neither of these
> will match LuaJIT.
> Regards