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> It is the smallest possible standalone Lua module.

Hmm, shouldn't you try dumping your "true.lua" to lua bytecode? It would then still be a standalone, loadable lua module and may be smaller :)

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 7:43 PM, Soni L. <> wrote:

On 21/02/17 05:23 PM, Derek Bailey wrote:

    On 21/02/17 01:30 AM, Derek Bailey wrote:

        The 'true.lua' file still takes a non-zero and non-trivial
        size on disk due to the inode structure.

        Thus the following is smaller module with your same requirements:


        assert(require'true' == true)

        Not saying what I have cannot be smaller, but don't make
        absolute statements that aren't true.

    And any non-empty Lua module file still takes more size on disk
    than true.lua.

    The point is to have it as a separate file/an external module, in
    which case my statements are true.

My code isn't in a separate module file, it is defined directly in the source Lua file that is using the module. Thus adding the ~28 bytes to the source file is much less than the 1KB needed for a completely separate, and empty, file. Your requirements didn't state that it had to be a separate/external file, just that it is the smallest possible Lua module, which isn't true.
It is the smallest possible standalone Lua module.

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